BW by Honeywell Rig Rat Gas Detection


The BW RigRat Local Area Gas Monitor as transportable equipment, fills the gap between portable personal detectors and fixed-infrastructure fire and gas systems. Its primary function is to alert personnel of a gas leak in their proximity, and can provide continuous measurement of gas concentrations.

The challenge was to take this monitor and engineer a system that would create a wireless safety perimeter for a working area.


A gas detection system that can monitor for gas leaks in a perimeter where the personnel are working during shutdowns. The devices must be easy to use so that workers can operate it with confidence, trusting it to alert them to gas threats in their proximity — indoors and out, in temperatures from -40 to +140°F (-40 to +60°C). The alerts need to be both local and remote. Information on alerts must be provided with monitoring software to see gas readings, location and other data from any device with an internet connection — for fast, informed decisions.


Ultimately, Wajax and Honeywell were able to develop a system that addressed all the key needs, including:

• Wireless Safety Perimeter Position with several Honeywell BW™ RigRat monitors to form a wireless safety perimeter.

• Up to six slots for interchangeable gas sensors. Choice of electrochemical, PID, infrared, and catalytic bead sensors (measuring percent LEL and percent by volume).

• Complies with safety procedures and protects workers with the most user-friendly area monitor of its kind.

• One-button operation. Grab and go. No expertise required.

• Rugged, weatherproof design, with optional protective cage.