How Wajax Topped the Nice List Once Again

When it’s the production and delivery of millions of Christmas toys and children’s happiness at stake, you go to the experts. For the past 165 years, Santa and his elves have counted on Wajax to help with a variety of holiday emergencies. 

Not everyone can get to the top of Santa’s nice list and stay there – but Wajax has, and here’s how. 

Wajax Ensures 100,000 Teddy Bears Are Delivered 

Santa’s workshop experienced critical downtime when the teddy bear assembly line came to a grinding halt – putting a pause on the production of 100,000 teddy bears. 

In a flash, Wajax technicians were called on-site to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem. After assessing the conveyor system for belt misalignment and tension, the issue was discovered. The culprit? Centuries of wear and tear on the conveyor’s rollers and idlers had taken a toll. 

New bearings were needed urgently! Worn out bearings were replaced, breathing new life into the tired conveyors. 

Wajax Keeps Santa Soaring 

On Christmas Eve, the hydraulic system of Santa’s sleigh malfunctioned while flying over British Columbia. Santa was able to make an emergency stop at Wajax’s Prince George location and was quickly greeted by a team of skilled technicians ready to jump into action on this all-important night. 

Wajax’s Hydraulic Cylinder Exchange Program saved the day with a quick exchange of the malfunctioning hydraulic system with a fully operational one in the twinkle of an eye! 

Expert technicians, armed with critical parts from world-class OEM brands, worked with precision and speed to implement the exchange and rectify the hydraulic issue. 

Santa’s sleigh was airborne before his hot chocolate got cold.

Wajax Transforms Santa’s Workshop for Year-Round Excellence 

After over a century of continuous toy production, it was time for a toy shop tune-up. Santa called on Wajax experts to help the elves. 

Wajax conducted a Comprehensive Field Assessment, collaborating with the elves over a three-day workshop, and presented an improvement roadmap to Santa. The roadmap identified opportunities for cost savings, productivity improvements, and overall efficiency.

Santa signed off on the full implementation plan including: 

  • Warehouse Optimization 
  • Condition Monitoring for Toy-Making Machines 
  • Spare Parts Inventory 
  • Preventative Maintenance Services 

The collaborative efforts of Santa’s Maintenance Elves and Wajax have transformed the North Pole’s workshop into a festive flurry of toy production.

60,225 Days Without Elf Incident in Santa’s Workshop Due to Wajax Provided PPE 

Not a single elf incident has occurred in over 165 years—thanks to the unwavering commitment to safety and the transformative impact of Wajax-provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 

Santa’s workshop faces unique challenges of ensuring the safety and well-being of his industrious elves amidst bustling toy-making activities i.e., falling icicles, sticky candy canes, and misdirected reindeers. Recognizing the need for elf protection, Wajax performed a complete health and safety audit of the workshop’s unique hazards to gear up Santa’s elves from pointed ear to toe. 

The tailored PPE ensemble included: 

  • Ear Protection 
  • Safety Glasses 
  • Cut-resistant Gloves 
  • Safety Boots 
  • Head Protection

Wajax’s comprehensive PPE solutions not only safeguarded the magical craftsmen but also became an integral part of the North Pole’s commitment to safety. 

The Result 

Wajax’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service and top-notch equipment has established a trust between Santa that has positioned Wajax as the go-to service provider for all the North Pole’s operational and maintenance needs. 

This strong partnership has placed Wajax at the top of Santa’s Nice List because Santa knows that with Wajax, he’ll always be able to get the job done on time, with a twinkle in his eye and a Ho Ho Merry Christmas! 

While the events above are a fictional story (sadly), Wajax is capable of offering our customers everything mentioned above with the help of our network of 120+ branches, coast to coast, available 24/7.