New Gearbox Leads to a Bigger Mix for Growing Chocolate Fix


The largest cocoa processor and chocolate ingredient supplier in North America had significant capacity growth plans for production output from their Ontario facility. The project required an investment in larger and newer conch (mixing) tanks.

Chocolate being poured into mixer


One critical area of this project involved the correct selection of the gearbox and electric motors. As well, the required belting, bearings and seals needed to be identified and sourced. Wajax worked with the customer’s engineering team, as well as a third-party fabrication partner who was contracted to construct the conch (mixing) tanks. Wajax partnered with one of our Strategic Power Transmission vendors, SM Cyclo/Sumitomo, to provide technical support and required drawings for the gearboxes.


The first order included a Sumitomo PHD9075P3-RL-80 (80:1 ratio) with a 100 HP electric drive motor. This project was so successful, that several years later, they completed a second project of four identical tanks for another area in the plant. Each of the units installed in the Canadian facility are running as designed and creating additional growth opportunities for the company.


The Canadian facility continues to capture growth opportunities. This success received the attention of their colleagues in the United States, who have since contracted to build 5 slightly larger tanks with the speed being a little slower. This required a larger gearbox model PHD 9095P4-RL-140 (140:1 ratio), also driven by a 100 HP electric motor. These units were installed mid-2018 and Wajax was the solution partner for this project.

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