Preventing a Costly Mine Shutdown


After scheduling a shutdown on the mine loading pocket, the customer realized that they were missing parts required for the operation. The problem was that the missing parts were not ordered, they had an expected lead time of 16 weeks, while the shutdown was taking place in just 5 weeks.

Pillow Block Bearing Preventing a Costly Mine Shutdown


The project required two sets of custom pillow blocks (models CA-326 and CA-327) along with other components that were absolutely necessary for the customer’s July shutdown. The massive pillow blocks, each weighing between 1200-3000 lbs, are usually made from steel castings requiring a lead time of 16 weeks, but they needed it in 5 weeks.


Instead of producing the pillow blocks and related components using castings, they were made from a 20’’ thick, fully machined steel plate. In order to deliver this innovative solution on time, Wajax and its suppliers combined their knowledge, experience and state-of-the-art machinery to work 16-20 hours a day, 7 days a week during a period of 5 weeks non-stop – successfully delivering the pillow blocks in time for the customer’s shutdown on the mine loading pocket.


Wajax’s proposed solution enabled the fabrication of parts to take place in a much quicker manner. By meeting the five week deadline for design, delivery and installation of the components, Wajax was able to save its customer considerable costs and delays.

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