Wajax Named Exclusive Service Provider to Santa Claus: A Magical Partnership Unveiled

Mississauga, Ontario – December 1, 2023: In a historic moment, Wajax Corporation (“Wajax“) joyfully announces its exclusive role as the official service provider to the one and only Santa Claus. This extraordinary partnership is poised to revolutionize the landscape of toy manufacturing and distribution, infusing a touch of Wajax’s technical magic into the heart of the North Pole. The unprecedented move has even left the typically unflappable elves in awe. 

This collaboration traces its roots back over 165 years, to an era when Santa’s operations depended on carriage and railway blacksmith services for crafting toy model trains. 

“Ho, ho, ho! After centuries of delivering joy, it was high time I upgraded my operations. Wajax’s commitment to efficiency and their ability to work magic with machinery made them the obvious choice. Plus, they promised to keep the reindeer happy with top-notch sleigh maintenance – that’s a bonus!” – Santa Claus, Chief Jolly Officer. 

“We are thrilled to be named Santa’s exclusive service provider. This partnership represents the fusion of holiday magic and technical excellence. We promise to keep Santa’s sleigh flying smoothly and his workshop running like clockwork. After all, who else but Wajax can handle the unique challenges of toy production and present delivery in one magical night?” Iggy Domagalski, CEO of Wajax. 

Key Highlights of the Partnership: 

  • Wajax’s expert technicians to ensure top-notch maintenance for Santa’s iconic sleigh, from reins to runners, nose to tail, and hooves to antlers. 
  • Implementation of innovative solutions for optimal toy production, ensuring every child’s wish is fulfilled with the highest efficiency. 
  • A lifetime supply of Candy Canes for all Wajax employees, customers, and vendors, spreading sweetness beyond the workshop. 

This groundbreaking partnership promises to add a dash of technical magic to the most magical time of the year. Wajax is honored to be Santa’s chosen partner in delivering joy, laughter, and a touch of engineering excellence to the world. 

For media inquiries, please contact:
North Pole Public Relations Office
Email: press@truenorthpole.com

Wajax Media Relations:
Janice Radosevic, VP Marketing
Email: jradosevic@wajax.com 

About Wajax: 

Wajax is a leading provider of magical engineering solutions, committed to making machinery perform feats that seem almost as extraordinary as flying reindeer. With a commitment to excellence and a touch of enchantment, Wajax is your go-to partner for all things technical and out of this world. 

About Santa Claus: 

Santa Claus is the legendary bringer of gifts to the homes of good children on Christmas Eve. His magical operation has delighted generations, and now, with Wajax by his side, Santa is set to elevate the magic to new heights. 

While the events above are a fictional story (sadly), Wajax is capable of offering our customers everything mentioned above with the help of our network of 120+ branches, coast to coast, available 24/7.