Sealless Mag Drive Pump Helps Reduce Contamination


A major Canadian manufacturer of chemicals such as ammonia, sulfuric, nitric and peroxide for the semiconductor industry was experiencing pump failures that were causing product contamination within their plant. They had been using multiple brands of pumps throughout their facility for production and transfer.

Blue Sealless Mag Drive Pump


The customer required contamination-free equipment and components within their process. Their pump failures were due to breaking of the pump shaft because of poor axial & radial load distribution on the tapered shaft and press-fit front shaft support design. The ionic and particle contamination were caused by the filler used in their manufacturing process.


With Iwaki’s MDM design, both issues were solved; the superior hollow shaft design ensured better distribution of the loads and improved the dissipation of heat. The Iwaki MDM pump built with PFA material is 100% virgin material (contains no filler), therefore no ionic nor particle contamination can be caused by the pump. Iwaki provided a 90 day trial period to prove to the customer this pump would fix this issue they were previously experiencing.


The MDM is the new standard in this facility. The customer saw consistent results in less than 60 days. This allowed the customer to focus their annual plant maintenance budget towards other areas of the plant. They later purchased more pumps to further enhance operations. Solutions such as this are possible through our comprehensive service offerings and expertise in the equipment, industrial components, and power systems areas.