Small Hydro Turbine Generator Overhaul – Life Extension Program


Our customer through its operating business, provides regulated electricity, water, and natural gas utility services to over 1 million customer connections, primarily in North America. Their growing portfolio of clean, renewable wind, solar, hydro, and thermal power generation facilities represent over 3 GW of renewable generation capacity in operation and under construction. Providing service for this diverse portfolio requires a dependable, dedicated team of professionals with a strong focus on customer service.

Hydro Turbine Generator installed


Our customer’s facility consists of 10 generating units, with a total installed capacity of 11,120 kilowatts. The plant was constructed in three separate phases and commissioned in 1989 thru 1996. The customers Life Extension Program (LEX) program for the generating units began in 2017 with the first installed units passing 25-years in service and critical issues with the turbines and generators occurring more frequently. Due to the aging infrastructure of their facility, the customer subsequently put out a request for proposals for updated equipment.


A target opportunity for the Small Hydro group in 2017, Wajax was well positioned to provide the necessary scope of work and rewarded the opportunity.  This was not entirely based on price but more toward our quality technical approach and logistics plan that scored very high in the customers evaluation. Once disassembly was complete, the components were transported to our Delom facility for inspection and repair. Our internal inspection and test protocol identified significant issues, not part of the original scope of work, that threatened to deteriorate the project schedule. With our internal capacity to perform all work domestically, in house, we were able to realign internal resources and complete all repairs with minimal impact to the project schedule. This effort included all internal departments being solicited, creating over 200 engineered work instructions to direct the refurbishment of over 40 components. With all components successfully returned to site, re-installation and commissioning services were completed following CEATI guidelines, utilizing the same internal crew.


With teamwork at the forefront, we developed a valuable, and open customer/contractor relationship. Our team’s performance maintaining the project schedule and providing quality workmanship did not go unrecognized. Successful awards were secured through public tender on 4 units during the program and due to the outstanding efforts of the entire group 2 units were sole sourced directly.