Wastewater Treatment Plant Avoids Pump Blockage with Upgraded Grinder


A wastewater treatment plant in Southern Ontario required upgrades to its facility operations to ensure proper solids disintegration. The plant needed a product that integrated with the current infrastructure and required minimal operational downtime for installation. Additionally, the plant required the ability to replace cutter cartridges to protect downstream equipment from damage caused by blockages. At the time, the customer was operating a competitor’s grinder but experiencing issues with high maintenance costs and delivery delays. Wajax, as Moyno’s Canadian distributor, assessed the situation and determined that the Moyno EZstrip™ TR Muncher would be an ideal product for the application due to its simple maintenance and cost efficiency in both whole unit and spares cost.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Avoids Pump Blockage with Upgraded Grinder


Due to a variety of superior features, our EZstrip TR Muncher provided an excellent replacement solution for a complete stack of cutter cartridges. With the same face-to-face features as the competitor’s product and an ideal cantilever setup, the grinder’s “maintain-in-place” technology allowed it to be dropped into the existing footprint while avoiding interference with the inlet and outlet pipes. The EZstrip TR Muncher offered nearly flawless physical integration and a seamless compatibility with existing control systems, making installation a simple and efficient process. As an upgrade to their current system, the customer was able to proactively mitigate the risk of a clogged pump and avoid the possibility of a costly shutdown of the entire system.


The customer found the EZ Strip TR Muncher to be a technically superior, lower-risk product, as the grinder’s full integration with their current system lessened any downtime. The grinder’s optimal cantilever design, which features two mechanical seals versus the competitor’s four-seal design, provided cost savings as well as reduced wear and tear. The EZstrip TR Muncher ultimately provided the customer with improved equipment protection, increased process efficiency, and reduced bulk in their wastewater system.


“A quick turnaround time and high level of aftersales support were matched with technical expertise to diagnose and provide customer focused solutions. Wajax was ultimately able to provide a sense of reliability to a customer who required fast turnaround.” stated Roy Mitra, Wajax Technical Sales Representative.

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