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Boost productivity, improve processes, drive efficiency & growth using the latest technologies with Wajax TechIQ.

TechIQ uses the most innovative and advanced digitalization tools to monitor, analyze and gain deep insight into your entire operation. Backed by in-house expert engineers and technicians, this platform executes proactive responses to your operational and maintenance issues – stopping failures before they arise.

Leverage the power of the latest technologies to increase equipment reliability, productivity and savings, and maximize equipment uptime. Our objective is to empower you to better understand, evaluate and have control over their operation, taking their end-to-end performance to the next level.

Wajax TechIQ is here to guide our customers as they embark on their Industry 4.0 journey, ensuring they are well positioned for the future.

Core Offerings

Offering both onsite and remote capabilities, each core offering utilizes the latest cloud-based technologies to provide greater understanding & insight into even the finest details of your equipment.


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Wajax TechIQ Condition Monitoring Sensor paired with the TechIQ IoT Platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to perform continuous asset health monitoring, helping you understand the overall health of your equipment.

Each sensor measures:

  • Vibration 3D
  • Acoustic Emission / Ultrasonic
  • Magnetic Flux
  • Humidity
  • True RPM
  • Temperature

Track and continuously monitor your assets in a streamlined and efficient manner, with high-quality, sophisticated sensors for every application.

Automate decision making with TechIQ’s 6-in-1 wireless sensor. With a replaceable battery life of 3-8 years, experience simple plug & play installation without the worry of any extra IT infrastructure.

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Give the right equipment the right attention, at the right time, using our tailored and holistic risk assessment and maintenance strategies.


Our experts help prioritize maintenance needs based on the impact and probability of failure for every asset. They identify criticality of parts, allowing you to optimize your spares inventory, develop a well-structured CMMS system and streamline day-to-day maintenance.


  • Equipment Master Data
  • Maintenance Strategies
  • Risk Assessments
  • Job Plans & Work Instructions
  • Spares Inventory Management
  • CMMS Implementation
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Defect Elimination
  • Lubrication Management
  • Asset Management Trainings

Through our unique Voice of Customer program, our experts will assess your operation over a 3-day Comprehensive Field Assessment. We provide a focused improvement roadmap that identifies your operational gaps, pain points, and process bottlenecks, and provides solutions to optimize the entirety of your unique asset lifecycle, from start to finish.


Using the Microsoft HoloLens, our augmented reality remote assist offering allows our network of over 2000 skilled Wajax technicians and engineers to provide expert support anywhere, anytime.

This hands-free wearable experience allows for collaboration in a variety of environments, from factory floors to offsite hazardous environments. Tackle repairs, maintenance, troubleshooting, safety inspection, quality assurance and more.

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Save time, effort and increase efficiency for the entire lifecycle of your equipment with offline monitoring.

From predictive mechanical maintenance programs that detect deterioration before equipment failure, to vibration analysis, our resources collect data and build robot analytics – both online or offline.

Using advanced video technology, our motion amplification service detects subtle motion in your equipment that left alone could result in serious defects. Our specially trained experts interpret the results and provide a recommendation before catastrophic damage.


  • Predictive Mechanical Maintenance
  • Vibration Analysis Program
  • Motion Amplification
  • Precision Alignment and Dynamic
  • Balancing
  • Bump Test
  • ODS & Modal Analysis
  • Boroscopic Inspections
  • Infrared Thermography
  • Torsional Analysis
  • Predictive Electrical Maintenance & Inspections
  • ElectroMechanical Inspections
  • Commissioning and StartUp

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