TechIQ Sensors & IoT Platform

Wajax TechIQ Condition Monitoring offers automated end-to-end solutions that can predict the remaining useful life of any asset & empower users with the right data across any industry.

Using cutting edge technology to bring accurate prognostic and diagnostic solutions, we can predict the remaining useful life of any asset with up to 99% accuracy.

TechIQ Condition Monitoring Solutions are designed to:

  • Maximize uptime and asset life
  • Optimize maintenance budgets and resources
  • Offer insights and not mere alerts
  • Reduce hazardous area exposure for your team with automated data collection
  • Offer a dedicated DIY app for self-configuration


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Secure Your Assets with TechIQ’s 6-in-1 Wireless Sensor

With TechIQ Condition Monitoring Sensors, experience simple plug & play installation without the worry of any extra IT infrastructure.

Each sensor measures key information that will keep your operations running, catch potential issues before they happen, and extend the life of your machinery.

  • 3D Vibrations
  • Acoustic Emissions
  • Surface Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Instantaneous RPM
  • Magnetic Flux

Multiple Connectivity & Power Options

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Offers flexibility to connect to the internet via built-in eSIM.
LTE / CAT M1 / Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 5.03-8 Years
Uses Wi-Fi routers to take data to the cloud for analysis.
Communication Protocol: 802.11 b/g/n/e/l2-5 Years
*Battery life may vary based on numerous factors. For specific details, please contact us.

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Monitor & Enhance the Life of Your Machines Through the TechIQ Platform

TechIQ sensors are easy to configure, enable smoother movement, and synchronize with our IOS and Android application. They feed directly into the TechIQ analysis software platform that allows for trend visualization and diagnosis by you and Wajax experts.

The platform includes a variety of sophisticated technologies and features including:

  • Advanced AI
  • RPM to Fault Correlation
  • Automated Fault Diagnosis & Recommendations
  • Scalable & Portable

With easy-to-read dashboards, the IoT platform keeps you updated on the health of your rotating equipment, while allowing you to plan for maintenance activities ahead of time.

Central Dashboard

View plant-wide equipment lists, health scores and health status for multiple plants on a single screen with easy to understand green, yellow, and red indicators for equipment sets. Benefit from auto sorting and filtering of health status, and number of affected equipment.

Equipment Dashboard

Monitor the health status of each piece of equipment. View Remaining Useful Life or Time to Failure. Pinpoint, predict and prescribe faults.

Sensor Health Dashboard

View a separate dashboard to monitor the health, battery, network, and data collection status for your sensors.

Maintenance Logger

Experience one stop access to all notifications, two-way communication to re-evaluate KPIs after maintenance action, log and review maintenance activities on a regular basis and have direct access to all anomalies notified.

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Round-the-clock Monitoring

Experience the benefits of 24/7 monitoring, including:

  • TechIQ alarms with adaptive thresholds and range boundaries
  • Real-time monitoring without full-time connectivity
  • Peace of mind with secured cloud data storage
  • Fault characterization identifies the component and fault mode
  • Predict remaining useful life
  • Faster ROI
  • Save time with no threshold setup
  • Reduce false notifications
  • Integrate existing vibration sensor data

Want to start utilizing the TechIQ IoT platform and CoMo Sensors in your operations?

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