Environment, Health & Safety and Sustainability

Environment, Health and Safety and employee well-being are core values of ours and are integral to the way we conduct our business. They point to what is truly important to us and the decisions that we make every day, as a company and as individual employees.

We are committed to managing our business in a socially responsible and progressive fashion. As the world increasingly tackles the recurring themes of environmental responsibility, diversity, equality and good governance, we want to do our part. From workplace safety and equal opportunity to environmental care and employee development, and we are committed to prioritizing people and the planet.

Sustainability Roadmap

Environment, Health & Safety is multi-faceted and affects various areas of our operations. Our ongoing work focuses on seven key areas, with specific objectives to be attained annually.

See our full 2020 Sustainability Report here

Employee Health, Safety and Wellness

Recognizing the importance of physical and psychological health and safety, we are committed to supporting the well-being of all employees by developing and providing programs, tools, and resources that foster a healthy work environment.

ONGOING GOAL: Provide every employee with a healthy and safe working environment that supports their entire well-being; physical, psychological and financial.

Wajax Health and Wellness Team

Wajax Safety Team

Training and Development

We are committed to providing employees with the tools and support needed to do their best work and grow professionally. Our Learning Management System provides training and courses spanning a range of topics and is readily available to employees.

ONGOING GOAL: Attract, engage, train, develop and retain the best people across all levels of the organization, from entry level positions to senior leadership.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

A diverse workforce supported by a strong culture of inclusion is one of our top priorities. We aim to provide meaningful opportunities throughout employment, including in the renumeration, recruitment, training, support and promotion of employees of all backgrounds.

ONGOING GOAL: Attract, retain and develop a diverse and skilled workforce that best reflects Canadian society, and provide a work environment that values and utilizes the contributions of employees’ diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives.

Sustainable Products and Services

From the products we sell to the services we provide, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact without sacrificing quality and durability.

ONGOING GOAL: Commit to a continuous process of understanding customer needs and leveraging technology, Wajax expertise and vendor partnerships to deliver sustainable solutions that reduce energy consumption, improve safety and reduce waste.

Environmental Responsibility

We continuously work towards reducing the environmental footprint of our operations. As such, we have rolled out an array of environmental management protocols and best practices over the last five years to reduce our energy consumption.

ONGOING GOAL: Ensure operations are managed to minimize their impact on the environment, focusing on initiatives that lower energy intensity and reduce waste.


Our customers trust us to find the best solutions and having high ethical standards and strong governance practices in place are key to maintaining their confidence and the integrity of our company.

ONGOING GOAL: Maintain reputation for fair dealing and integrity and demonstrate ongoing commitment to upholding high ethical standards in the conduct of business.


Just as we prioritize the health & safety of our employees, we believe caring for our community is also our responsibility, nationwide.

ONGOING GOAL: Invest in and contribute to the communities that we operate in across the country through a combination of volunteer hours and labour, fundraising and in-kind donations.

“The most basic responsibility we have is to health and safety. Each of us is responsible for our own safety and to assist in the protection of our colleagues and the environment. Our goal is to ensure that everyone goes home uninjured and safely at the end of every shift. Nothing is more important.”

Mark Foote
President and Chief Executive Officer