Auger Drills

650 Series

Auger Drills

Using the right tool can make a big difference in your productivity and profits.  Compact and powerful Terex auger drills offer a wide riange of drill speeds and the highest drill torque per class – all with quick setup time to get your crew to work fast and remain productive throughout the day.

These versatile options can be mounted on a truck chassis or crawler undercarriage.

In addition, Terex offers a vast line of auger tools for hard rock, dirt and high-production drilling, as well as coring systems, pilots, bits, hubs, boring heads, and shank plates.


A650-30 Short MastA650-40
DepthStandard 30 ft (9.1 m)43 ft (13.1 m)
Diameter72" dependent on soil conditions--
Typical Frame Height (FH)42 in (106.7 cm) 6 x 4 chassis / 45 in (114.3 cm) 6 x 6 chassis42 in (106.7 cm) 6 x 4 chassis / 45 in (114.3 cm) 6 x 6 chassis
Typical Cab Height (CH)109 in (2,76.9 cm) max CH (69” + FH)109 in (2,76.9 cm) max CH (69” + FH)
Offset (O)11’ 6” (3.5 m)10’ 6” (3.2 m)
Overall Height (OAH)12’ 0” (3.6 m)13’ 5”(4.1 m)
Overal Length (OAL)32’ 0” (9.8 m)31’ 6” (9.6 m)
Unit Length (UL)22’ 9” (6.9 m)31’ 6” (9.6 m)
Center of Rotation (H)12.5” (31.8 cm)12.5” (31.8 cm)
Cab to Axle (CA)126 in (320 cm)126 in (320 cm)
Wheel Base (WB)201 in (511 cm)201 in (511 cm)
Front Axle (FA)16,000 lb (7,258 kg)16,000 lb (7,258 kg)
Rear Axle (RA)40,000 lb (18,144 kg)40,000 lb (18,144 kg)
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR)56,000 lb (25,401 kg)56,000 lb (25,401 kg)
Frame Section Modulus24.0 in3 (double channel frame required)24.0 in3 (double channel frame required)
Frame Yield Strength80,000 psi80,000 psi
Frame RBM1,920,000 in-lb1,920,000 in-lb