Dielectric & Wear Materials

Dielectric & Wear Materials

With a unique composite compression moulding and machining center located in Montreal, Robco holds the distinction of being the largest Canadian manufacturer and supplier of phenolic bearings and collars to the steel industry.

Robco offers a broad diversity of friction products, phenolics and laminates that can be molded or machined into any dimensional configuration to create clutch & brake linings. These laminates can also be made to meet NEMA grades for dielectric insulation.

Robco also manufacture Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene drainage elements and extruded rubber and graphite suction roll sealing strips for the pulp and paper industry.

Product Highlights

  • Wear Protection Liners & components
  • Friction Liners
  • Phenolic Bearings
  • Suction Roll Sealing Strips
  • Suction Box Covers
  • Foils for Paper Machines
  • Dielectric Insulation
  • Bulk Phenolics, UHMW, HDPE, PTFE, Nyons etc.