Disc Chipper

5000H Whole Tree Chipper

Disc Chipper

The Peterson 5000H Whole Tree Chipper produces high quality low bark content chips for wood pulp and pellets, processing whole trees in one continuous operation. Equipped with a large feed throat, the 5000H Whole Tree Chipper can accept up to a 23 inch (56 cm) diameter single tree or multiple smaller stems.

The 5000H Whole Tree Chipper can be configured with a three or four pocket disc, with several optional sheave sizes to make precisely the chip you need. The standard three-pocket disc produces chips from 5⁄8 to 1 1/4 inches (16–32 mm) long, while the optional four-pocket disc produces chips from ½ to 1 inches (13–25 mm) long. Chipping production rates up to 100 tons (90 tonnes) per hour can be achieved depending on chip size and wood characteristics.

Peterson’s heavy-duty 66 inch diameter, 4 3/4 inch thick (168 x 12 cm) chipper disc has replaceable 1/2 inch (13 mm) wear plates. Traditional babbitt-type knives or Key Knife components are available.

The Tier II C27 and C32 Caterpillar engines are more fuel-efficient than previous engines of equivalent power. The adaptive cooling system adjusts the fan speed to match cooling requirements. Fuel cost savings can be significant over the life of the machine.

Since 1981, Peterson has specialized in the developing of delivery and processing equipment that turns low-grade organic materials into high value products.

Product Highlights

  • The Adaptive Control System’s large display provides information to make chips more efficiently. On-screen maintenance instructions and self-diagnostics features increase your up-time.
  • Upper and lower chain flails strip bark and limbs from the stems, replaceable UHMW wear liners protect the flail housing sidewalls.
  • Ergonomic joystick controls provide precise control of the two-section knuckle-boom log loader. Top, end-loading, or high rotation long spouts are available.
  • An End Loading spout is designed to load chips through the chip spout, into a closed top chip van from the rear of the chip van.
  • A Top-loading spout is a type of chip spout designed to load open top chip vans.


EngineCaterpillar C27 or C32 Tier II
HorsepowerC27 @ 950 hp (708 kW) or 1050 hp (783 kW)
Machine Weight (total)103,500 lb (46 947 kg)
Feed Opening--
Feed Speed Range