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TD 500 Series

Power Generators

The TD500 Series is an in‐line 4‐cylinder engine series, 4.8‐liter, six‐hole fuel‐injected diesel genset engine with turbo and air‐cooled exhaust manifold. The TD520GE is a dual‐speed engine – 50 Hz/1500 rpm and 60 Hz/1800 rpm – for prime and standby power generation.

Product Highlights

  • The TD520GE is designed for efficient power generation and maximum uptime. The robust design makes the engine highly reliable. Its rigid, in‐line cylinder block with durable crankshaft bearings, aircooled exhaust manifold, and turbo provide a very powerful engine.
  • The smooth operation of this both robust and well‐balanced diesel engine results in minimal levels of vibrations and noise, as well as controlled emission levels.
  • The state‐of‐the‐art, high‐tech injection and charging system, with low internal losses, contributes to efficient combustion and low fuel consumption.
  • The engine’s compact design results in a high power‐to‐engine dimension ratio.


TD520GE 50 HZ TD520GE 60 HZ
Electrical Standby Power kWe76 kWe77 kWe
Electrical Standby Power kVA94 kVA97 kVA
Rated rpm 15001500