Slurry Pump Parts

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Townley has been upgrading OEM legacy pump parts for almost thirty years. Usually a customer is experiencing unusual wear patterns unresolved by the OEM or has delivery issues. Townley has a unique array of metal technology that can be applied to these problems as well as a quick turn-around North American Foundry and high quality CNC machine shop capability.

Typically, Townley will examine the wet-end parts in question looking for tell-tale wear patterns and a metal analysis, couple this work with an application and system review, we can make recommendations to the end-user about upgrades in metallurgy or design modifications to ensure the customer will enjoy a longer service life for each wet-end component.
If the questionable part is not in our pattern inventory, then we start by digitizing an original OEM part, to ensure exact fit and finish. Using our portable ROMER Coordinate measuring machine (PCMM) or a laser scanning device, we can create a 3D model of the part in order to build patterns.

Townley’s foundry is a vertically integrated facility, with design, pattern prep, molding, casting, heat treating, machining and assembly. We can assure the customer of precise fit when the parts are installed in existing OEM frames and will operate mechanically and hydraulically as designed by the OEM.

Townley offers a large variety of slurry pump parts including impellers, expellers, suction liners, volute liners, pump cases, throat bushings, and gland liners.