Towniflex Hose

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Townley offers a large selection of hand-built hose configurations for the toughest slurry applications found in mineral and metal mining, as well as coal-fired power plants with FGD and dredging.

Especially suited to matrix solids handling at the front end of the mine, mill circuits, in-plant processing and tailings, scrubber pump suction, bottom ash discharge and other applications like dredging and dewatering, you cannot find a more versatile and flexible solution.

An excellent customizable product to replace worn pipe and fittings especially where plant settling has occurred and fit-up of rigid pipe is a problem. Townley hose comes standard with integrated built-in nipples and a continuous gum rubber or neoprene wear tube through the ID onto the flange surface for excellent sealing. Each hose is finished with a permanent serial number and an ozone resistant covering.

Townley offers a large selection of flexible material handling hose configurations for the toughest slurry applications. Especially suited for suction or discharge service in:

  • Mining: Hydro-transport of matrix to the mill circuits, in-plant processing and tailings discharge
  • Power Plants: Ball mill chutes, scrubber recycle pumps, bottom ash transport and FGD Circuits
  • Dredging: Sand, gravel mines, and off-shore reclaim

Towniflex™ hoses are the best solution for controlling expansion, contraction of pipe runs, reducing vibration, lessening noise at the pump, terrain following, and moving materials to various process elevation changes. All with extreme wear resistance and ease of use.

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