Fluid Engineering

Strainers and Filters

Strainers and Filters

Fluid Engineering is an Erie, Pennsylvania manufacturer of pipeline strainers and filtration systems serving a variety of industries including, but not limited to: traditional oil and gas, bio‐fuel, power generation, pulp and paper and water treatment, both domestically and internationally. Fluid Engineering designs and manufactures a full line of custom automatic self-cleaning strainers, duplex, simplex, cone, and “Y” strainers. They also offer a wide variety of gas filtration products through their TM Filtration Division.

Their featured product is a patented coalescing gas filter utilizing a “New Flow Technology” (or Outside-to-In) flow which offers superior filtration.

Product Highlights

  • Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainer
  • Low Pressure Self-Cleaning Strainer
  • Cast Basket Strainers
  • Cast Duplex Strainers
  • Cast Y-Type Strainers
  • Fabricated Duplex Strainers
  • Fabricated Basket Simplex Strainers
  • Fabricated T-Type and Elbow Strainers