14 Storeys, 1 Big Success

The Challenge

Industry challenges come in all shapes and sizes, and in this case, the challenge in hand couldn’t get bigger!

A Wajax customer came to us with a very specific issue: their National 900 series crane, which was situated at the top of a 14-storey media tower in Toronto, was struggling due a critical piece of the machinery not functioning.

The crane would require a thorough inspection and, if necessary, it would need to be repaired, either on-site or offsite at one of Wajax’s workshops.

This presented a number of different challenges:

1. Access to this crane was tight, making any inspection or work done on-site more time-consuming and difficult

2. If removal was required (and it was determined it was), removal procedure would be lengthy and highly complex

3. Development of a plan that would extend the life of the crane as much as possible


Through Wajax’s inspection, it was determined that the crane was suffering from significant wear and tear, with internal extension and retraction cables requiring replacement.

With the damage and repairs determined, it became apparent that the required work would be more easily accomplished at our local Wajax shop in Mississauga, meaning the crane would need to be disassembled, transported, and reinstalled once complete.


Our team quickly jumped into action, dismounting and transporting the crane so that it could be properly repaired on the shop floor. From there, the Wajax team undertook extensive repairs, including:

• Full replacement of all extension and retraction cables

• Refurbishment of the hydraulic extension and lift cylinders (which entailed inspecting of shafts, re-honing of barrels, re-chroming, and replacing of seals)

• Replacement of the rotation bearing, winch cable, wear pads, and other small components

With all this completed, Wajax then took the necessary steps to secure transportation of the repaired crane to the sight in Toronto, where the crane was re-installed while following all safety procedures and protocols, ensuring the safety of both the workers and the public below.


This project displayed the versatility of Wajax’s experts and showed the ability of our team to handle the biggest and most complex tasks in the industry.

By taking on every aspect of this job (repair, safety, installation, transportation), this project showed the potential of what Wajax is capable of, and this crane is a symbol of the results we can achieve.