How Safe are Your Forks?

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Whether you are managing a single forklift or an entire lift truck fleet, here’s what you need to know about forks safety:

Did you know a 10% reduction in fork blade thickness results in a 20% reduction of capacity?
You may not even be able to tell that your forks have weakened.  In fact, 29% of all independently-inspected forks fail safety standardsSkipping your fork inspections can lead to a snapped fork, dropped load and an accident.  Don’t let this happen to you!
Your forks secure your load, safety and the safety of others.
You wouldn’t drive your vehicle without a tune-up.  Your forks are no different.
Forks can weaken over time for many reasons.
Driving while the forks are touching the concrete floor can create a wearing effect like when you sharpen a knife with a stone. Lifting loads heavier than allowable safety standards or lifting loads with the tips of the forks can create metal fatigue in the steel.
Maintenance shops may unintentionally bend forks, weld on them, drill a hole through them or apply excessive heat during repair
All factors that can weaken forks, endangering your load and the safety of others.
Your forks should be inspected at least once a year by a qualified service technician.
How safe are your Forks? If you don’t have the training and expertise to examine fork blades, talk to the experts.

Forklift safety is paramount to any successful operation. Choose safety.
Get a FREE inspection on your forks and save 10% off Bolzoni forks

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