Reliability Services


Enhance your asset reliability and optimize life cycle costs by reducing downtime with proactive machinery health insights.

At Wajax, we are driven by pioneering ideas.  Keeping our customers’ objectives at the forefront, we take a collaborative approach to understand your issues.  Over the past 160 years, we have provided value added solutions with our innovative techniques, backed by a talented team of over 700 skilled technicians and engineers, and more than 100 branches across Canada.  Wajax is uniquely positioned to fully support your business needs.

Shift from reactive to proactive with the following list of specializations and services.

Plant Assets:                                          Other services include:

  • Mechanical                                           –  Condition Monitoring
  • Hydraulic                                              –  Filtration Servicing & Management
  • Process                                                 –  Laser Alignment Balancing
  • Conveyor Systems                              – Thermography

Vibration Analysis & Inspections

Vibration monitoring determines your machine’s health using early detection and analysis of chronic problems, avoiding issues that would otherwise prove detrimental. We use state-of-the-art
technology to collect vibration data allowing for superior prognosis and troubleshooting, supported by asset health dashboards and actionable recommendations – ensuring machine failures are anticipated.

Lubrication Management

Proper and regimented lubrication management is critical to maximize equipment health
and ultimately reducing your overall maintenance cost.
It’s a common belief that maintaining lubricant levels is enough to ensure effective lubrication. However, by analyzing oil health, oil contamination, and machine wear recommendations for lube types, quantities, and frequencies can be implemented that will optimize equipment reliability and maximize the return on your assets.

Our lubrication management program focuses on three core outcomes:
• Properly implementing lubricant recommendations
• Reducing lubricant failures and machine downtime
• Optimizing the program to fit your evolving needs


Predict failures cost effectively with non-intrusive examinations and engineering evaluations. Our technicians use flexible, articulating video borescopes for nondestructive inspections on large component failures such as gearboxes, valves, etc.
For electrical systems, infrared thermography is performed to identify hot spots and map thermal patterns.

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