MTU Onsite Energy

Diesel Generator Sets

4000 DS

Diesel Generator Sets

MTU 4000 series generator sets perform at the highest level and cover the power range from 1,125 to 3,250 kWe (1,550 to 3,730 kVA). With a robust design and optimal fuel consumption, our diesel generator sets are trusted by customers around the world.

Product Highlights

  • Cutting-edge emissions control
  • Superior on-site specific de-rating behavior due to state-of-theart engine controller with engine site condition management system
  • Compliant with industry codes and standards
  • The generator set fulfills performance per ISO 8528 and offers 100% load acceptance according to NFPA 110
  • Permanent magnet excitation system for generator as standard for improved transient response
  • Fullfil worldwide certifications: ISO 8528, CE/IEC, UL2200, NFPA 110, IBC2009, German Grid Code
  • Uptime Inst. Compliant: Tier I, II, III, IV