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InstrumentationOil and Gas

Mitigating Risks For Pipeline System

THE CHALLENGE Wajax’s client transports various grades of fuel through a pipeline system. They were looking to enhance their operational processes. A key challenge was that when ambient temperatures fluctuated, deep vacuums were created inside the ..

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Managing The Heat For An Airport With Digital Gauges

THE CHALLENGE An operator of one of Canada’s largest airports, ensures, among other responsibilities, that every building on the airport site is appropriately heated. Using a vast boiler system to heat expansive areas, it is crucial that they follo..

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Forestry and Wood ProductsInstrumentation

Ensuring A Wood Plant Keeps Things Moving Safely

THE CHALLENGE A wood pelletizing plant encountered operational challenges with sawdust storage. As sawdust and other wood materials were added to the silos, the weight caused build-up and blockages that can lead to overheating of kiln dryers used in ..

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Fluid HandlingManufacturing

Sealless Mag Drive Pump Helps Reduce Contamination

THE CHALLENGE A major Canadian manufacturer of chemicals such as ammonia, sulfuric, nitric and peroxide for the semiconductor industry was experiencing pump failures that were causing product contamination within their plant. They had been using mult..

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Infrared Monitoring System Improves Safety

THE CHALLENGE One of the world’s leading integrated steel and mining companies uses gigantic industrial ladles to transport hundreds of tons of molten steel each day within its facility. Due to the extreme heat of the liquid metal, these vessels ar..

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When it Snows, These Machines are Ready To Go

THE CHALLENGE As a city that sees lots of snow, Montreal, Canada relies on Roxboro to keep things moving at the airport, on the highways and at major shopping centres across the region. As one of the largest construction and snow removal companies in..

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BearingsFluid Handling

Kop-Flex® Couplings for Floating Shaft Minimize Downtime

THE CHALLENGE The customer has paper and paper board machines that produce over 40,000 metric tons of recycled chip board per year. These machines run approximately 60 to 165 meters per minute. Replacing the shaft couplings are time consuming and dow..

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Finding the Right Gearmotor for a Screen Conveyor

THE CHALLENGE The customer experienced repetitive failure of a cast iron motor adaptor on a screen conveyor. The environment was very dusty with high humidity. There was also high vibration because the motor was supported by a chain block due to its ..

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BearingsFood and Beverage

New Gearbox Leads to a Bigger Mix for Growing Chocolate Fix

THE CHALLENGE The largest cocoa processor and chocolate ingredient supplier in North America had significant capacity growth plans for production output from their Ontario facility. The project required an investment in larger and newer conch (mixing..

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